Character Profile: Aigar

Hendra’s World • Appendix


Introduction, History, Physical Attributes etcetera


age: unknown
height: 3’ 4”
weight: 63 lbs
children: none

rank: grub
cliven: unknown
nest / clustern: Mount Hel
hive: Goblin Hel
kingdom: Gob’lin aka Gobland



The insurmountable problem with Goblins is that there are no females,. Yet the males have biologically and anthropomorphically typical male sexual reproductive organs, as well as strong heteronormative male sexual drives. This makes them exceedingly dangerous to the women and children of other people, especially Humans and Dwarves. Aigar’s cliven is one of several that are part of a secret mission to find female Dwarves in D’Waiv’lin for the current Goblin King, who is obsessed with cross-breeding Goblins with Humans and Dwarves in order to create a “Super-Goblin.”

If there are no female Goblins, where do they come from?
Dwarves believe that the first goblins were born of the Primordial Soup that still exists in the Centre of the World, and that new Goblins are created daily from maggots and mold spores, which is why they exists in such great numbers. Goblins of course believe that all Goblins are born of the Demon Mother’s blood, which never stops flowing. The truth is likely something in between, or a combination of some, if not all of those ideas.


After his brief but painful and costly encounter with, and captivity by, Hendra and her company, Aigar managed to escape and crawl under a rotting log, where he hid, and slept among the leaves and worms. During that time, he had strange dreams, and his wounds healed, but also, something chewed his crippled left arm right off. Only later does Aigar realize it was he himself who ate his own arm in his sleep.


Goblins have the ability heal from even the most grievous wounds, and to regenerate lost limbs and other body parts. Aigar’s eye was punctured, and his arm, throat and teeth were all smashed and maimed. They will all grow back over time, the eye coming in first, followed by his arm and neck, and finally his teeth. Goblins can quicken their healing process by ingesting and/or directly applying to their wounds the “guts” of newts, salamanders, and efts.


Goblins are immortal, meaning they will live forever, unless they are killed by violence or some other outside influence, such as poison or starvation. If you were to ask Aigar his age, he would respond in typical Goblin fashion by saying, ”millions.”


Almost all of the Goblins in Hendra’s world are variations of green in color. Very rarely a white Goblin will emerge, such as the Alabaster King, or The Ghaste of Nagnur. Even more rare are orange Goblins who tend to be much larger than average. The last known orange Goblin was Feotoad the Fat, who ruled South Hel for over a thousand years, until finally being deposed by his Northern rivals, who are said to have eaten him, bones and all. Ever since then, all orange Goblins are killed and eaten on the spot, the moment they emerge.


Considered tiny by Human standards, yet huge by Gnomes, Goblins are dangerous to both, as they are to all people in Hendra’s world.


FILTHY LEATHERS – All goblins wear a variation of the same suit of what they call “Filthy Leathers,” which consist of pants, a vest, and a cap made from the skin of human children, called kinderleather or kinderskin. Some Goblins may augment their leathers with leather cuffs, stolen jewelry, or gruesome trophies such as animal furs, bones, and teeth, Brownie skulls, fairy wings, and even desiccated gnomes. The true purpose or appeal of the leathers is not quite known or understood, since they provide minimal protection from both enemies and elements, nor are Goblins thought to be especially modest. None the less, their filthy leathers are one of the many things that unify the Goblin Hoard as a collective.

1. RATSACK – Shapeless kinderskin bag, worn over the shoulders on the back, used to carry food and other basic needs.
2. SALTED MEAT – While any meat is fair game, Goblins prefer the kinderflesh of Human children
3. WOMAN STONE [aka Stone Wife] – Masturbatory aid.
4. LUCRE – Small gems, lumps of gold, and shards of precious and semi-precious stones and metal used for currency.
5. PUMICE – Used as a weapon against Dwarves, who’s eyes are one of the only vulnerable spots when fully armored.
6. STONES – Weapons of opportunity, thrown with fearsome strength and accuracy.
7. STICKIN POKE – Crude, thick, wooden spear with hammered scrap metal spike at the end. Used for tunnel combat.
8. WOODEN SPEAR – Primary weapon, used with deadly speed and accuracy.
9. FOUND AND STOLEN WEAPONS – Smaller Human weapons such as dirks and other knives are often used by Goblins.
10. BROWNIE SKULL TROPHIES – Goblins hunt Brownies for sport and food.
11. LEATHER CUFF – Kinderskin cuffs are worn on wrists, forearms, and upper arms, and may signify rank.
12. STOLEN JEWELRY – Bracelets are a favorite to be worn as arm bands, but any Human jewelry is considered good lucre.


Goblins have one god and one religion: The Demon Mother. They worship her, fear her, love her, and loathe her. The believe she is real, and that they are all born from her, literally, from her blood, which “flows from her womb as a river of molten rock.” She is described as “terrible” and “teller than the tallest mountain,” which is Mount Hel. Goblins are in possession of a sacred object that they call “The Artifact,” or “The Skull,” though they do not worship it so much as they guard it jealously. It’s a solid gold sculpture of a human skull with ruby eyes and one bloodstone tooth. It has no known powers or purpose, and know one knows how old the artifact is, or where it comes from. It was certainly not made by Goblins, who have no skills at crafting.


Though Dwarves are loathe to admit it, their treatment of Goblins has historically been deplorable, with beatings, torture, murder, and enslavement being not at all uncommon in a shared past fraught with cruelty, violence, and death.

Whips, chains, malign devices, and the tools of humiliation and subjugation. Painful reminders of past transgressions cast in ever-lasting jett metal.

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