Character Profile: HENDRA

Hendra’s World • Appendix


Introduction, Arms, Armor, Weaponry, Customs and Tackle

Also named Hendar in the masculine form.

The Maid of the North / The Norsmaid
The King of the North / The Norsking
The Hammer of the North / The Norshammer
also called Hendra the Heartless

age: 236 yrs
height: 4’ 4”
weight: 175 lbs
children: 13,700 sons / 1 daughter [ Senhendra ]
house: Hen
country: Hen’lin
nation: D’waiv’lin

Hendra’s armor, like all Dwarf armor, and made of matte black non-reflective jett metal, the hardest metal known. It has an elaborate pattern of words, shapes, and images fired into its surface, only visible in certain light and from certain angles. In addition to protecting the wearer, every aspect of the armors’ design is intended to frighten, confuse, and intimidate enemy combatants.

Dwarves have no religion, nor do they believe in magic or superstition, and only use these symbols to amuse, inform, & decorate themselves, while intimidating their many foes.

When warring or adventuring, Dwarves wear their armor continuously. When home, among other Dwarves, they are nude most of the time. When they entertain other people in their homes, which is rarely, they dress in elaborate finery,

Because female Dwarves are so rare, and were once hunted to near extinction by Goblins and Humans, Hendra and all other Dwarfmaids wear false beards and adopt masculine names and titles when around other people.

Hendra’s beards are woven from her own hair

Young dwarfmaids begin weaving false beards for themselves, including war beards, travel beards, and gala beards, while they are still in their 1st life-stage, before they leave the safety of their respective Houses. They use hair from their own heads, and are taught beardkraft by their mothers, or another female dwarf, should the mother no longer be living.

Dwarves have over 1,000 traditional hairstyles. Hendra typically wears her’s in the asymmetrical “lone warrior” style.

Dwarven skin is smooth, black, cool, and supple.

Dwarves are nearly fireproof, and only the hottest flames from the largest würms can harm them.

Hendra’s tunic, bearing the sygil of her House, a Badger Head, is worn like a poncho and is identical on the back.

Tunics are made from thick felt, and serve many purposes from identifying Houses and/or rank, to an impromptu towel, pillow, or wound wrap when needed.

Henda’s heirloom weapons never need to be sharpened, and they are many generations older than Hendra herself.

SWORD “Kalthammer” (lit. “Cold Hammer”) – blade, guard, hilt, and pommel all cast and forged from one solid piece of jett metal.

SHIELD – shield folds into smaller form that snaps onto armor when not in use

SPEAR / SHORT SWORD – retractable spear becomes short-sword that snaps onto armor when not in use.

Although jett metal is incredibly light, a fully armed, armored, and equipped Dwarven traveler and / or warrior can weigh over 300 pounds, with their gear accounting for nearly half that weight.

There are no domesticated horses or other pack animals in Hendra’s world, and although they will occasionally ride on the backs of large wild animals, Dwarves prefer to walk, or run, even over great distances.


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